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(Release 9, March 2013, 109 species, 15,736 families)

TreeFam is a database composed of phylogenetic trees inferred from animal genomes. It provides orthology/parology predictions as well the evolutionary history of genes.
(see the BRCA2 gene family page as an example).


(HMM-based protein sequence search vs. TreeFam & Pfam HMMs)
Insert into tree
Insert into TreeFam gene tree using

Parsimony (蚂蚁海外加速器永久免费版super-fast, citing_treefammight insert into several branches)
Maximum Likelihood (citing_treefammore accurate, 雷霆加速器ios永久免费might take a bit longer)


Species Tree used in TreeFam 9. See full tree here.



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citing_treefam Why our data is good

Learn about how TreeFam builds families, alignments, and trees and how families defined in TreeFam.

citing_treefam Link to TreeFam data

TreeFam families
There are many ways you can link to TreeFam data. Learn how you can link to e.g. our gene families.

Gene tree widget
You can add our gene tree widget to your website: e.g. simply point an iframe to our trees using a TreeFam family ID or a sequence identifier.

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Protein domains:
RNA families:
Repetitive DNA: 永久免费加速
Spurious ORFs: 海外加速器永久免费ios


Data download
Download all our data: e.g. alignments, hmms, trees, pairwise orthologs, external references and more.

Programmatically fetch data through our API and see a list of example scripts in our 永久免费加速. Use treefamscan to score your sequences against TreeFam hmms.

If you find TreeFam useful, please consider citing the references that describe this work:
TreeFam: 2008 Update Jue Ruan, Heng Li, et al. Nucleic Acids Research (2008)
doi: 10.1093/nar/gkm1005